NASA’s Future of War 2025 Is Already Here!

Something is very wrong here. Why can’t some people seem to wake up?

Blissful ignorance is not the only reason.

The PowerPoint presentation analyzed below was presented by one of NASA’s chief scientists from their Langley Research Center back in July 2001 — just a couple months before the 9/11 terror attacks — but the information within is arguably more pertinent now than it was even then.

This document is insane. It forces us to realize just how far down the rabbit hole reality has fallen. Drones, microwave and frequency weapons, nano weapons, binary bio weapons in food, AI, robotics and more are discussed, but this isn’t a science fiction horror movie…this is reality — here, now — where the impact of science on society is that humans are quickly being dehumanized and considered „decreasing-to-negative value added“ as compared with emerging technology.

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