Dont let them take your mind – Flat Earth Man (ft Alex Michael)

Don’t let ‚em take your mind man!

Mehr vom Flat Earth Man?


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Well we all believed in that spinning ball
Indoctrination blinded us all
From the very first day that we went to school
They put a globe in your face and that thing looked cool
The teacher explained how it all worked
Of course it sounded so bezerk
But who was I to question it
Coz I was just a tiny kid

It sounded crazy as could be
But teacher would never lie to me
She was real nice she didn’t know
She too was taught to believe the globe
I don’t blame her it wasn’t her fault
She was only repeating what she’s been taught
I went through life believing that lie
That spinning ball was now in my mind


Don’t let em take your mind
Don’t let em tell you that you are not Divine
Take control of your soul
Find the truth and find it all
Don’t believe their lies
Don’t let em take your mind

So I’m hurling through space on a road to nowhere
So I lived my life without a care
Coz I was taught that there ain’t no creator
That’s what I was told from my educator
So I lived my life so selfishly
There ain’t gonna be no hell for me
I’ll do what I want with no care for others
With no respect for my brothers

Till one day when I woke up
And I drank some truth with my coffee cup
I learned that things ain’t what they seem
This so called reality is just a dream
Theres deception everywhere I look
The news the tv and in my school books
And pretty soon I realised
That everything’s just a pack of lies man


It’s deception on a biblical level
Orchestrated by the devil
Many think that he don’t exist
But that’s what he wants, that’s one of his tricks
But I found out that that dudes real
And I tell you man that’s a bitter pill
So I questioned everything I was told
I had to question that spinning globe

I had to relearn it all again
And get some truth inside this brain
And pretty soon I realised
That the globe I was taught was a pack of lies
So I studied as hard as can be
And found the flat earth Conspiracy
Man it hit me like a tonne of bricks
That globe I was taught was a devils trick


I started to connect the dots
And I’m telling you man there are lots
I soon realised the earth was flat
It’s not a belief man, it’s a fact
And once I found out that reality
It did a funny thing to me
For a while there I was pretty shocked
But now I know that there is a god

And once you get to that point of understanding
Once you know there ain’t no moon landing
Once you know that space is fake
You view your life with a different take
It ain’t just random chance that we’re here
We ain’t living on no stupid sphere
It ain’t some rediculous spinning ball
The earth is flat and god created it all


Well now I found out about all these lies
I live a completely different life
I stopped reading the news turned off the tv
That thing is as evil as can be
I started being a nicer guy
And God forbid I tell a lie
I treat people with more respect
And I got me a wife that I’d never neglect

Yeah being goods working out for me
Now I ain’t blinded and I can see
I know that there’s a god above
And if I’m good then he’ll show me love
I try to live life selflessly
To be the best that I can be
I treat people how I wanna be treated
Since my indoctrination was defeated

So don’t believe the devils lies
Because it’s god he wants to hide
That’s why they teach that spinning ball
To make you think you ain’t special at all
Don’t believe what your being told
Don’t believe that your evolved
It’s all an accident and you are too
No! Your someone special and god made you


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