I Don’t Wanna Talk About NASA – Flat Earth Man

Mehr vom Flat Earth Man?


Flat earth man keeps losing friends every time he opens his stupid mouth and talks about NASA. But it’s ok, as he meets more like minded people.

Here are the lyrics:

„You ever tried to talk to people about NASA?
Like banging your head on a brick wall right?
Well this song is all about that
Sometimes it’s best just to keep your mouth shut right?
And don’t talk about NASA at all“

listen up….

When I started talking about NASA
I lost all my friends
So I don’t wanna talk about NASA
Ever again
My friends don’t understand me
I wish they would
I tried to tell em bout NASA
But it don’t do no good

No I don’t wanna talk about NASA
Ever again
Coz everytime I talk about nasa
I lose another one of my friends
Everytime I open my stupid mouth
Something bout NASA comes flying out
No I ain’t gonna talk about NASA again

You can lead a horse to water
But you can’t make it drink
You can tell people bout NASA
But you can’t make em think
They look at me and they roll their eyes
They shake their head
Coz they believe papers and the
TV instead


I just want my friends to know
All of nasas lies
I hope one day my friends wake up
And realise
But I feel like I’m
Banging my head on a wall
Every single time
If I just got a bunch a new friends
Then I’ll be doing fine


So I went down to the local bar
To meet me a bunch of new friends
I had myself a couple of beers
And started talking bout NASA again
Well things got kinda ugly
And I was punched to the floor
No I ain’t gonna talk about NASA
No more


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