Don’t Believe in Gravity

Flat Earth Man is sick and tired of the gravity indoctrination.

Title: Don’t Believe in Gravity
Artist: Conspiracy Music Guru

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I remember when I learned in school
‚Bout Gravity man, it was all so cool
I had a teacher that knew it all
She taught me how water can to a ball
How buildings stick to the underside
Of a ball that’s spins like a carousel ride
Man that all sounded crazy to me
But I loved learning bout Gravity

I could wait to tell my dad
About the amazing day that I had
he picked me up I was bursting with pride
He opened the door and I jumped inside
He smiled at me and said how was your day
I said dad, I was blown away
I learned about this magical thing
But it’s kinda got my head in a spin

I learned about this Newton guy
When an apple fell on his head he surmised
That there must be a force that’s pulling it down
And everything’s being sucked to the ground.
A force that sticks us all to this ball
The people the buildings, the oceans and all
And so it was written in history
Newton had discovered Gravity

Well he just looked at me and said


Don’t believe in Gravity
Don’t believe in fantasy
Don’t believe coz a theory’s all it is
It’s never been proven but they teach it to the kids

Well my dad felt a little bit sad for me
When I mentioned that word gravity
He said, have a little independent thought
And question what you’ve just been taught
I mean, how the hell can a ball that’s spins
Make a force so strong that sucks everything in
Yet birds and insects fly uneffected
Gravity must be selective

Think about it logically
Coz that don’t make no sense to me
Question all those preachers preach
question all those teachers teach
You see Gravity’s just a bunch of bull
That Newton guy is just a lying fool
These guys like Newton shouldn’t be trusted
Their freemasonic lies have been busted

In fact my boy it’s density
And that’s why things fall down you see
An object always falls to the ground
If it’s heavier than the air that surrounds
If it’s lighter than air then it’ll rise
And will keep on floating up to the skies
Thats what’s known as boyancy
And that makes more sense than Gravity


He said I’m sorry son for bursting your bubble
But that kinda thinkin can get you in trouble
These theories they try to put in your head
It’s all just pseudoscience he said
They’ll have you believing in all kinds of crap
That Gravity nonsense belongs in the trash
Believe me when I say to you
There ain’t no Gravity and that’s the truth

Well my daddy made me think that day
He made me think in a different way
I did some thinking for myself
I put that theory back on the shelf
that gravity crap is indoctrination
Not truthful trusted information
People need to wake up and see
That there ain’t no such thing as Gravity

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