Die Gulf Breeze Six

Complete List of Predictions From The Gulf Breeze 6

These are the predictions pulled from Ouija Board sessions in Germany around 1990 by the infamous Gulf Breeze 6. They were published in Vance Davis’ book Unbroken Promises in 1995.

1. Russian earthquake will kill over 1000.

2. Earthquake will occur in Iran. Over 300,000 will be injured and killed.

3. Major UFO conference is cancelled in Germany.

4. A war in the Middle East shall be a warning of Armageddon. It will involve the U.S., Iraq and Israel. If Israel stays out, then the war will be short with 45 days of fighting. If not, then nuclear exchange could occur.

5. Shuttle will not be launched if a fuel leak is caught in time. If not, then the Challenger disaster will be repeated.

6. Government official will lose AWOL soldiers in Atlanta.

7. Unification of Germany.

8. Riots in Los Angeles will be a warning for future riots nationwide.

9. European economic community will be in power by 1992.

10. All borders dropped in Europe.

11. Major weather and Earth changes will cause mass property destruction with some loss of life. Rain in areas for days, super tornadoes, super hurricanes, severe drought in traditionally wet areas, weather reversals, severe winters, sever summers with record highs and lows. This will last for 30 years.

12. The major insurance companies will begin their collapse in the next 3 years.

13. Youngest President since Kennedy to be elected in 1992.

14. An explosion in New York City will be a warning of further activity within the United States. The explosion will be reported as a gas leak or terrorist bombing. The “Wolf Head” is their symbol.

15. Explosion in space.

16. Volcanic eruptions increase.

17. An earthquake in Los Angeles will register around 8.3 and will cause major property damage, but very little death.

18. An earthquake will follow in Seattle of 5.4 or higher.

19. Mt. Rainier will erupt and destroy large portions of the Seattle area between 1993 – 1995.

20. Gun laws are passed.

21. Marking will begin in the government and military.

22. Homeless considered outlaws, as are other social undesirables, to be rounded up and incarcerated.

23. Psychic phenomenon experienced on the flight to Atlanta.

24. People kept under watch by Social Security numbers.

25. “Beast” is one year from full operation unveiled as the largest computer network system. Marking involved.

26. Soldiers will have to go “underground” by August 5, 1990.

27. Six will go underground from army.

28. U.S. stock market will crash. It will rise to over 4000 before the event.

29. Riots in major cities will be caused by monetary, food and racial tensions.

30. Martial law declared in all major cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Pittsburgh, etc…

31. Government closes borders with Canada and Mexico. U.S. air space restricted. 1 airliner shot down, 302 people lost.

32. Constitution suspended for 90 days.

33. Military troops control Chicago.

34. Man-made and natural disasters will destroy New York.

35. Terrorist activity in Israel. 150 killed, 250 injured, and 20 soldiers killed. Israel declares war on the PLO.

36. Next day more death. One soldier killed by boy throwing a stone. Soldier’s hit between the eyes. Boy is killed.

37. King Hussein declares war on Israel.

38. Social unrest in the U.S. soldiers shipped back home.

39. Two members of Congress disappear along with other prominent personnel.

40. Last Pope elected by 1996.

41. A false rapture will take place.

42. U.S. government admits knowledge of other lifeforms.

43. Biblical treasures will be found starting in 1994.

44. Magnetic poles of the Earth switch.

45. A house will be destroyed by government forces in Massachusetts killing 140 people.

46. 20 major universities are shut down.

47. 50 of the world’s major scientists will disappear. They will be in weapons systems and defense, literature, genetics, astronomy and archeology.

48. An explosion form a terrorist bomb will destroy a supermarket injuring 50 people.

49. The “Peacemaker” named to the new world commission and later voted President of the New World Order.

50. An earthquake on the west coast of the U.S. will be stronger than the Richter Scale can measure. Would be 14.6 if it could be measured.

51. West coast earthquake will trigger other seismic events in New York and Japan.

52. Government will introduce the first alien to the public during a difficult time and a time of need. Be careful who you shake hands with!

53. A great upheaval in Florida will raise ancient cities.

54. Man finds his birthplace in the solar system.

55. A man will declare himself to be Messiah in 1998.

56. The man to be known as the “Peacemaker” will come from Europe.

57. Quantum leaps in spiritual movement will be seen by 2032.

58. New spiritual leaders will appear: some to mislead, others of truth.

59. The seven thunders of the Bible will be revealed.

60. The New World Order will be the new religion.

61. The 1000 year reign of peace will begin in the middle of the 21st Century.

62. The U.S. will be the least destroyed and least controlled by what will occur.

63. The Vatican will release historical records never before seen.

64. Special people will emerge around the world to teach truth by 2000.

65. A test on a UFO will result in the destruction of a space shuttle.

66. Warning earthquake in and throughout Japan of 8 or higher will occur before 1996.

67. Major earthquake near Tokyo of 10.0 or higher following the big California quake.

68. Increase of violent crime will begin in 1994 in Japan.

69. The “Peacemaker” signs pact with the Asian market, including Japan.

70. The new Japanese Emperor and his wife will have two sons and one daughter.

71. Japan and China will sign a joint agreement for the administration of Hong Kong.

72. Japanese stock market will crash by 1996 due to world economic failure.

73. Japan will experience a resurgence of respect for the old ways to awaken and strengthen modern Japanese culture and spirit.

74. The E.C. and Japan will sign a joint protection pact for the Kuril Islands.

75. Japan will be in the forefront of spiritual growth in Asia and will become an oasis of spiritual activity.

76. German mark will become the mainstay of the E.C. currency in the troubled period ahead.

77. Australia will suffer severe weather changes and ocean tides that wreck the coasts.

78. The Aborigines will save Australia before departing this plane of existence. Australia will then become a mecca of sorts for the soul.

79. South America will become a torn continent for 8 years, with wars and military control. It will be completely shut off from the rest of the world during that period.

80. The South Pole will become as warm as it was a million years ago and cause the world’s oceans to rise 35 feet.

81. A meteorite will hit the Pacific Ocean by 2005, causing significant damage and flooding.

82. A comet will be broken up in the Earth’s atmosphere and do minor damage, although effects will be felt in other ways, such as electromagnetic anomalies.

83. Greece and Italy will be significantly altered by changes in the ocean’s depth. Old, sunken cities will be brought up by the same event.

84. The state of Ohio in the United States will become part of the Great Lakes in 120 years.

85. San Francisco will survive relatively untouched through almost all of the events that are to befall it.

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